The Incurable Diseases

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For Incurable Diseases is made for all who have been hurt by the illnesses and look for the insights about how to seek the shelter. The place where we could go and see others who have overcome the incurable diseases and how they did and how they are doing.

This website shows all the stories, photos and archives of the real persons’ own cases uploaded voluntarily. There are past stories attached here of people who had overcome the long-lasted sicknesses through applying ETC (electron transport chain) Platform of IHE, the Quantum Biometric ElectroDynamic Platforms. (QBEO)





Being sick means that the atoms of the body become out of normal status, either physically or mentally.

There had been no public treatment methods which directly deal with the atoms of the living cells and their electrons while these electrons are the actual performers for curing the illnesses.

Human Electron is originally intelligent and infinitely deliver the momentum that is necessary to cure the sick cells as long as the electron is powered. The Quantum Biometric ElectroDynamic Platforms (QBEP) are designed to store, supply the momentums through electrons for the living cells. QBEP’s are rechargeable by natural methods at home, without electric power supply.

The 8 Incurable Diseases To Challenge


8 Forums For Patients, Families, Doctors, Friends, Consultants, etc.

Dear Valued Friends, come and participate in any section of this website.
Talk freely about your matters, either the Wins or the Fails. You may share your own experiences here
and help others or get the necessary help for yourself.

Patients and Families, Specialists, Scholars, Researchers, Students are all welcome!
Please keep in mind that there are several Quantum Biometric ElectroDynamic Platforms (QBEP) which had been used by many sick individuals and their experiences are introduced here. This is only for showing how Quantum Biometric process worked with the Human body based on the general biology algorithm – the Electron Transport Chain (ETC).

* The Platforms in this website are not meant to be sold.


Voluntary Experts

Dear Experts, Please recall your old learns of Biology, the Electron Transport Chain (ETC) for nutricion.

Would you agree that ETC algorithm explains not only how to deliver Human Nutrition but also explains how to cure the sick parts of the living cells?

The electrons work for both the transaction of supporting and protecting.
Let’s talk more here and help those in need with our community. 


IHE Colsuntants

Dear Consultants, Institute of Human Electron (IHE) is looking for the Regional Consultants who want to learn and experience IHE’s platforms.

The Platforms are not for selling purpose but the consultants will help the sick people to apply the QBEP platforms properly.

QBEP Platforms can be tested and applied by the individuals and/or
can be tested by medical institutes and biology labs.


How It Works



Learn more about our inventions that work with elementary particles on our PLATFORMS page.



Dear Visitors

You may take views of the stories from the people who have experienced QBEP Platforms during the past 20 years.

None have had harmful side effects at all. Instead, there were some who have had splendid curing results, which they did not expect to have. The QBEP Platforms are developed to devote to the original causes of the sickness origins.

The cases here are all 100% true and written by the real individuals who had been tested by IHE Platforms.

Our Platforms are free from electrical power supply and convenient to apply on any part of the living cells, wherever you need them to work.


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