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The interactions and operations of the Elementary Particles in and around the living organism care and work for their home – The Living Platform – HUMAN

History of Human Electron institute

HumanElectron(HE) Institute has developed the Elementary Particles (HEP) in 1997. Soon after, HEP could be reserved in the magnetic tape and applied to the living bodies for their well-being treatments. Since then, HE office has invented fractal-shaped frames for the good particles to be kept and used repeatedly for the living bodies with years’ effectivity (Infinite Intelligence). The frames have been diversified into various forms of Platforms such as Chip, Silicon, Scanner and etc., which are all applicable freely without further energy supplement and operate intellectually.

HumanElectron’s Elementary Particles (HEP) have been used and applied by various types of life-science organizations such as Oriental Medical Clinics, Healthy Instrument Manufacturers and the global Wave-Energy Research Institutes of Scalar, Torsion Wave and so on.  All these organizations have had one common purpose of contributing their works to the well-being of living bodies.

Therefore, HE Institute has focused on inventing the methods of securing the Good and Cooperative Elementary Particles and have made hundreds of preliminary clinic tests with the various Living Bodies for the last 20 years…. And the invented devices are now open to the public and look forward to relevant cooperative researches of other institutes.

Quantum ElectroDynamics & Human Electron

As Dr. Richard Feynman, the Novel Prize Winner of Physics, 1965 proved in his “Quantum ElectroDynamics” and “Feynman’s Diagram” that the electrons deliver momentum to the other electrons, the HumanElectron and its platform deliver the momentum to the electrons of the living organism when they are within the radiation diagram and support their interaction.

Institute of HumanElectron is the world’s 1st inventor of the Quantum Bio-platforms, which interact with the Elementary Particles of the Living Bodies. Convenient to apply for the Living Bodies at any time and place, either for Individuals or Research labs because they all are free from electric power supply and easy to handle.

Human Electron (HE)'s three important activities

HE and its platforms are the world’s first “Quantum Biometric Platforms” put into use practically for Living Bodies whose cells have abnormal symptoms. HE aggressively make efforts until the applied parts of Living Things become normalized.

HE’s are intelligent and kept in the fractal frames and shall be infinitely dedicated to their work for the Living Bodies. HE’s are the elementary particles which have been existing with the earth and living things since the creation.

The Quantum Biometric Platforms of HE Center require no power supply. They all operate independently and are designed user friendly, therefore the platforms could be applied for any Living Things at anytime, anywhere. It is recommended, however, that the Platforms be exposed to the Sunlight for over 5 minutes (both sides) from time to time.

BENEFITS of Human Electron (HE)

Infinite Intelligence

HumanElectrons (HE) understands Living Bodies’ necessities and supply particles to their electrons. All the signal interactions between the particles occur in their own cosmic ways of demand & supply until the demanding party becomes satisfied.

Healthy Growth

HumanElectrons (HE) help the Living Bodies to grow in healthy and ideal condition to achieve the best results. HE secures the adequate zone of breeding and crossbreeding for the animals, plants and all the Living Bodies.

Relief of Pains & Stress

HumanElectrons interacts with the elementary particles of the living Organism and relieve its pains and mental stresses until the organism operates in healthy status.

Human Organ Science

HumanElectrons may help the scientists who work on the “Human Organ Science”. The Scientists may save time and efforts through applying HE Electron devices within their work processes. HE devices extend the existing scales of effectivity of any devices that are used for producing waves and particles.


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