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I’m a cabin crew of an airline. Very sensitive character and have rather a weak body. I feel tired most of the time and cannot endure to be among many a people. On flight, cannot eat well because of stress and losing appetite.
I’m a patient with Facial Nerve Palsy decease. My right foot and the left part of my head were out of control. After I wear the HumanElectron chip, in 7 days, I became to feel like that a heavy stone on my face had fallen down.
I cough too often and once I do, I do it long. I’m rather thin and weak and not making good stomach digestion. Cannot eat well. Have been under acupuncture treatment for a long time.
I was born in 1976, have the ‘colonotonia’ body constitution. My heart often gets tightened stuffy, my stomach and intestine are weak and I have pains in my head and shoulder. I suffered from these pains for a long time only by depending on traditional medicines and acupuncture.

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