Attach to the sick and painful part of the body which is attacked by the viruses for reducing pains and/or curing the origin of the sickness. The effect is similar to that of the Long Chip and eMask. The freckles, pimples, wrinkles and small scars are cured in short period of time.
The Super Chip is simple and light to carry. The usage is similar to the Scanner’s. It makes a Circular Cylinder of 3 cm diagram to the Living Body. It works well through the Air and Water and delivers the beneficent Elementary Particles to the Atoms, Molecules, and Cells of the demanding Living Things. The Particles are so intelligent that they are aware of what they have to do with one another until a certain curing status has been achieved. There are numerous cases of tests of this Chip, such as with Bees, with Plants, with severe diseases of domestic animals etc.
The Long Chip had been specially invented for reducing heavy pains, curing serious diseases of the Living Bodies. It does not only reduce the pains, but also cures the source of the pain at its origin. The pain may have come from a surgical accident or from the serious disease of the body.  The Long Chip is shaped small, therefore if the sick part is very wide-spread, then, apply several chips on the body in vertical orientation.
The Scanner is the most powerful platform so far among HumanElectron’s independent Inventions. It works with the elementary particles of the living bodies whose cells demand beneficent support for their weakness or sick parts. The Scanner’s elementary particles make a circular cylinder of 7cm diagram to the living body. Within the range of effectiveness (2.5M), it makes multiple number of connections with all the demanding living organisms.

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