Plan For Year 20/21

We don’t sell the Platforms because the Platforms are for rental purpose only for the individuals. IHE Platforms mainly work with the other BioTech, IT Labs, which require IHE cooperation of the Quantum ElectroDynamics application.Therefore, during the year 2021. IHE has decided to devote free rentals for the selected 300 individuals who participate in IHE’s Program of “INCURABLE DISEASES”.

The “INCURABLE DISEASES” refers to diseases that have been judged as incurable by the medication communities
and the chronic sicknesses which people suffer from and become hopeless.

To perform this Program of free rental, IHE Centers will review the applications from the individuals and make judgment to choose who are eligible for this comprehensive campaign.

IHE propose that the individuals use IHE Platforms such as the Scanner, SuperChip, eSilicon, LongChip for their sick parts. These Platforms will help the living cells to get restored and achieve their original status.


Volunteers And Specialists

The volunteering parties such as Family members of the sick individuals, personnel in the medication industry, BioTechs, etc. may submit their participating documents to IHE Centers.

The administration team of IHE shall sort them according to their demands.

IHE has secured a certain budget to cooperate with the volunteers (specialists)
if any of them are eligible to a certain amount of consideration. 

The volunteering parties will closely cooperate with IHE Centers in the region
for their registrationand daily work for this Program.


When you finished the registration, check your emails or SPAM mails. 
You will receive a confirmation of registration.

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